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Christine Price

Training and Experience

The State of Washington requires that I take annual training on topics related to caring for young children.  Feel free to ask me about my training.  I will share any interesting things I learn with the families in my program.



I started my in-home child care in 1983, when my daughter, Susan was two years old.  I was licensed by the State of Washington in April 1988.  I really wanted to be home with my first child, starting my own in-home child care was the best solution.  I have never regretted this decision.  Children are a joy to learn and explore with.



  • Doing Child Care since 1983.

  • Participating in Washington State Early Achievers Program, My program is now rated a level 3.

  • Participate in Northwest Educational Service District 189 Infant & Toddlers Project, starting in January 2014.

  • June 15, 2012 Graduate from Edmonds Community College with an AA in Early Childhood Education.

  • Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First Aid

  • Current Food Handlers Permit

  • 20 hours Building Blocks “Laying the Foundation for Quality Family Child Care”.

  • 12 hours training – “Healthy Beginnings” Nurturing Young Children’s Growing Minds (prenatal –Age 5)

  • University of Washington 12 hour training “Promoting First Relationships”

  • Humanities Washington 7 hour training “Story Exploring”

  • 2019 20 hour workshop "Conscious Discipline" by Dr. Becky A. Bailey

  • I also enjoy attending workshops, conferences and training classes to keep up with my Continuing Education Requirements each year.

  • I am the current President of South Snohomish County Family Child Care Association

  • I participate in the Child Care Providers Preschool Cooperative, which is affiliated with Edmonds Community College, Family Life Education Department. 


  • All staff is required to read the staff handbook, and sign off on each section. Use of alcohol, illegal substances, or smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises or within sight of the children.


  • All staff, including myself and any volunteers will interact with the children in a very professional way.  All volunteers and staff must follow the procedures in both my Parent Policies Handbook and my Business Procedures Handbook.  No one will be allowed to break a rule regardless of the nature of that rule or the circumstances. 


  • All staff must use positive methods of guidance and discipline that promote self-control, self-direction, self-esteem, and cooperation, as explained in our Parent Policies Handbook.  No corporal punishment or humiliating discipline may be used in the child care by anyone.  Only primary staff (those approved by DEL) can discipline children on these premises.


  • All staff will update any changes to their employee records (including contact information, criminal background, and training) immediately.


  • I will always designate a primary staff person in my absence from the child care program.  This person will have the required amount and types of training as required by DEL.


  • Visitors to staff are not allowed on the premises as they do not have the required clearances with the DEL.  Personal phone call must be kept to a minimum as this will distract attention from the children.

Karen Paull

I have been involved with in-home childcare the majority of my life.  Growing up, both of my parents worked so I went to childcare.

  • At the age of 4 I was already helping "take care" of the babies.

  • When I was 8 or 9 I started being a "mother's helper" for family friends.  I would entertain the toddlers while she got things done about the house; diapers and clothes would be changed, meals would be fee and I'd help with putting down and getting up from naps.

  • i started solo babysitting at 10.  There was a neighborhood family that I worked for after school and during the summer for five or six years.  They had two children, whom I adored.

  • i taught both children to write their own names when they were only 3 or 4 years old.

  • i watched them regularly until they were old enough to be home by themselves.

  • i spent a couple summers working one or two days a week for here.

  • in Fall of 2000 I started in the culinary Arts program at Edmonds Community College.

  • i have spent a lot of the last 13 years working in restaurants, cooking and serving but they didn't remind me why I love food, they made me forget.

  • sometime in 200 my friend and I (we were housemates) started our own IN HOME dog-sitting business.  We also started rescuing dogs.  While living together, we had as many as 9 rescues/foster dogs at one time.

  • I'm so excited to be surrounded by babies again!! I got to go back to childcare in April 2014.

  • The same provider I worked for in high school is still open and I've been lucky enough to help her since then.

  • My culinary skills have helped so much with learning to build healthy, balanced meals and fun new treats and activities.

  • My goal is to eventually get my degree in Early Childhood Education.


  • 20 hours Child Care Basics

  • Current first aid/cpr for infant and toddlers

  • Food handlers permit

  • On-going child development classes and training's through conferences and workshops

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